Configuring the TP-Link TD-W8968ND for Airtel IPTV and Broadband

As we all know, Airtel no longer supports the equipment that it gives you. So if your modem gets spoilt you better buy a new one. You could buy the exact same one as they gave you, but it is much nicer to buy a much nicer one – with integrated wifi and modem capacity, as well as a capability to use EWAN (for Tikona) or 3G internet.

Which is why I went with the TP-Link 8968ND. I bought it for a fairly cheap 2300 rupees. Try to get Version 2 of the hardware which will enable you to have 5dbi antennas for increased range – however this router does have replaceable antennas, so you could upgrade them later on.


The screenshots below show the configuration that must be set in for the broadband and IPTV to work (make sure you connect the IPTV cable to the port that you have earmarked for IPTV).

8968ND - DSL settings

8968ND - LAN setup8968ND - IPTV config

8968ND- WAN config

  • MD

    hi, I just bought a TD W8968. I called an Airtel engineer home, who said that it isn’t compatible with IPTV.

    I haven’t opened the box yet. Is there a difference between TD W8968 and TD W8968 ND ?

    Is it possible that IPTV does not work on the former?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • sandeepss

      @MD – I dont think there is a big difference, however I think what happens is that there is an IPTV tab on the ND. Now this is not something special, all it does is create some “grouped interfaces” ( I would be strongly confident that your router would also work with Airtel. If you have bought the router from some online store, then you should not worry about any problems and you would be able to return it later as well.

  • MD


    Firstly, thank you !
    It worked. Not at the first go, but after some tinkering, it did. Confirming, there is an IPTV tab on ND. It is noteworthy that the chief engineer at Airtel told me it won’t work.

    I am lawyer by profession. Happy return the favor some time.

    I am in another dilemma now. I spoke to the Airtel engineer post installation, who did a U-turn on his earlier stand (being it just won’t work) to “Sir it will work, but in case of problems, we won’t be able to provide support”.

    He suggests, I return 8968, get a plain router (not a modem) connect it to the current Airtel modem i.e. Beetle 450. This keeps things simpler for him.

    Now I can’t decide what to do. Stick with 8968, with better range than 450 (nothing phenomenal though, room to router 15 meters, two walls, two bars on ipad, two bars on laptop, none or little on Samsung Note 1), or return it and get another router with hopefully better range and my Airtel guy’s peace of mind.

    Any views?

    • sandeepss

      My pleasure!!

      Actually Airtel is not being completely accurate – support means complaints of internet not working because of some modem configuration. In 99% of such cases, they ask you to reboot the modem: in the other 1%, you can find help from people like me.

      In case of line cut or wiring problem, they will fix it anyway. If they give you any heat (at that point in time), tell them that airtel modem had spoiled and you got a new one.

      Airtel no longer repairs modem faults – it asks you to go and replace it yourself and will not even replace it for you. So they are fairly used to people having new modems.

      I like this setup because my wife is most unhappy with too many wires, so I prefer a combined modem+router.

    • sandeepss

      Oh and for bigger range, you can actually buy bigger antennas on (since this modem has replaceable antennas). Should cost you about Rs. 500 each.

    • Vinay

      Hi Can you please suggest how you have configured. I have the same problem.

  • Dipanwita


    I have purchased a new TP Link modem (TD-W8901N). I have been trying to set up Airtel iptv in it and have been unable to do so. 2 Separate Airtel engg have checked and said that TP Link modem does not work for Iptv. As read above, you have been able to configure ur TP Link modem with IPTV. Could you please help me with the same.


    • acustomer

      Hey buddy, W8901N works for iptv, I am using it.
      simple, follow this steps.
      1) Create a new virtual circuit for example
      setup>internet>virtual circuit>PVC1
      2) VIP>1
      3) VCI>35
      4) ISP>bridge mode

      all other values no change.
      save and restart the modem and enjoy the TV.

      Hopefully it should work for other TP modems also, somebody should need to try it and let others know for the benefit of mankind.
      Thanks Lambdacurry for this post.

      • sandeepss

        hey thanks for the update!!
        if you can upload screenshots to and comment here – I’ll add it as an update.

        BTW, which IPTV are you using ? I’m getting a little frustrated with Airtel

  • vilas

    hiii i have purchased TP LINK TD-W 8968 adsl2 modem. and im unable to configure it with airtel broadband the airtel engeeneer told me that they dont know the settings of my modem ie (tp link tdw 8968) can any one help me to set up my modem thanks it will be appreciated

    • sandeepss

      Please check the last screenshot on this page – you will see the settings.

  • Dr Saksham

    Thank you soooo much @sandeepss. Iptv working perfectly with TP Link-TD W8968. Thanx for recommending this excellent model.

  • Mav

    WOW. Just configured my airtel IPTV on TPLINK TD-W8968 modem using these instructions. Worked perfectly. Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Well,

    Thank you,I was wondering if you have tikona network,can you please share the settings.
    I am beginner with modem so plz provide the details settings.