[Business] VC's have too much money ? Here's how to pitch

Robert Cringley of PBS has this new piece about how VC’s now have, suddenly too much money to give away. It is all because the funds which were invested in like crazy during the bubble are now closing. The managers either need to show investment or return the money with interest. Guess what they are choosing to do… Well it cant hurt, maybe I should start looking around!!

Somewhat related is this great article at UIWeb on how to pitch and idea. The best part I liked about the article was the elevator pitch.

… never allow yourself to believe your thing is so complicated and amazing that it’s impossible to explain in a sentence.

Some great examples were:

  • Inventing light bulbs: “It’s a way to make light from electricity.”
  • Defragmenting hard drives: “It makes computers run more efficiently”

another WoW (word of wisdom) was

Get out of your office / cubicle / apartment, and go find smart people you know to give you feedback. Ask them to pretend they are whoever it is you plan to pitch to Tags: startup entrepreneur vc


[Business] VC's have too much money ? Here's how to pitch


February 11, 2005

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