Why I cant be a good industrialist...yet

This comes fresh off the horse’s mouth - my manager.

  • Due diligence - Get an attitude about mastering whatever you are working on. If you are buying a piece of land, understand the direction of wind, water table beneath your feet, the number of cows in the area. Good businessmen cultivate an attitude to do their homework thoroughly before doing anything. Risk taking comes much later.

  • Learn to gauge people - At a glance understand what his strengths and weaknesses are. A consistent attempt to understand people must be made ..what makes them tick.

  • An attitude towards money - make every rupee count. There must be an attitude to push each rupee to its maximum. It is OK if you lose everything, but there cannot be a situation where you dont know why you lost that money.

  • Failure is not an option. Always, always, always get the job done.

These wont hold me back. Not for too fucking long. Tags: personal


Why I cant be a good industrialist...yet


June 28, 2005

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