Sandeep Srinivasa currently works in the Enterprise Software industry - where he tried to squeeze distributed computing technologies into a corporate workspace. As always, he is heavily involved in algorithms, software and more recently Windows Distributed Component Object Model.

He is currently employed at a hush-hush startup in the Delhi NCR area.

Previously he worked on Research and Development in the EDA industry focussing on timing-analysis, synthesis and most recently, power optimization  methodologies. In that vein, he is heavily involved in software, algorithms and flow development. Sometimes, he also tries to work with customers to get their problems solved in time for Christmas.

He was employed as Senior Member of Technical Staff @ Calypto Design Systems in the PowerPro group.

Prior to Calypto, he was employed as Lead Engineer at SpyGlass Constraints @ Atrenta working on constraints and timing closure rules.

Before Atrenta he was alternatively trying to battle panthers at IIT Bombay and bad Swiss accents at USI-Lugano.

In his spare time, SSS enjoys Muay Thai, running and World of Warcraft. He recently discovered his love for a PS3





October 25, 2005

Find me on Twitter @sandeepssrin

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