The road ahead...

I have been short of posts these past few weeks - and this is why. As of December 1’st, I gave up my position as Lead Engineer in Atrenta and am now a Member of Technical Staff at Calypto Design Systems.

I had a fabulous two and half years at Atrenta and I felt it was time to work on something new. I think it will be cool - with its small bohemian location in the heart of Noida and a closely knit group of hardcore developers.

Lets see what rabbit I can pull out of my hat!!

[UPDATE] I did not, or rather did not have the heart to write a lot, the last time. Atrenta has been very good to me for the last two and a half years that I have been there. I am proud of my project - Constraints and how it has made a difference to the design process.

I have worked with (and made many fabulous friends) across three continents and it was a great experience. Moving to Calypto has always been about the cool stuff that they are doing and how I will have a great time working there.

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The road ahead...


December 01, 2005

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