Web 2.0 - Podcasting and Proaxys

This is a company started by one of my batchmates at IIT Bombay - Gaurang Kanvinde. Proaxys Software has technology to convert ordinary XML feeds to mp3 - which they embed in a feed of their own.

So basically, they do auto-podcasting or podcastify their feed.

Take a hear at three partial feeds that I podcastified from Robert Scoble’s website (my apologies).

For example is mapped to . I liked the way their software recognizes “.NET” to be pronounced as “dot-Net”

Even more interesting is mapped to It can pronounce “Tamara Pesik” and “Markos Moulitsas Zuniga”. That has got to count for something!!!

To try it out yourself -

1. go to

2. Enter the feed url and your email address

3. Check your email to get the auto-generated passord

4. Go to

5. sign in

6. Click on “my feeds” and listen (using a podcast compatible software)

EDIT: Gaurang has mailed and said that the link generation process for your feed has been greatly simplified - sounds quite cool too!! Technorati Tags: proaxys scoble podcasting Tags: personal podcasting


Web 2.0 - Podcasting and Proaxys


April 08, 2006

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