How to vu DJVU

As I mentioned earlier, DJVU is this cool file format for archiving scanned books/comics etc, which are rich in images + text ; and whose inventors have been particularly asinine in not creating a snazzy Reader for use on different platforms (browser plugins only… reallly??) .

Now, since an increasing number of ebooks are being created using the DJVU Libre open-source software, it was quite a pain in figuring out how to read them.

Enter Irfanview.

For those of you who do not know, IrfanView is this amazingly light, flexible and all-format-supporting image viewer. For those of you who have resigned thyself to Microsoft Image Viewer’s mercy - this has always been salvation. I have been using IrfanView for very many years now, ever since I discovered that hitting “Enter” in Irfanview gives you a page-fit full-screen black-background automagically-resized view of your image: hitting “Space” takes you to the next image in the directory. Slideshows were never this cool.

Anyway, installing the plugin pack for Irfanview also gives access to a very nice and usable DJVU viewer (for Windows atleast). Just hit “Ctrl Pg-Up” for next page in the DJVU document and “Ctrl Pg-Down” for previous page. Hitting “Enter” will you give you the same full-page hotness as I described before.

I think that makes IrfanView, the best DJVU viewer/reader on Windows.

Now, that’s a life saver. Keep the number of software to a minimum: Irfanview (for images), VLC player (for video), Foobar2000 (for audio + ripping - oh hell yeah!)


How to vu DJVU


June 10, 2008

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