India's digital and internet security initiatives - possible pitfalls

It was with great interest that I read P. Chidambarams’ proposed Integrated Crime Tracking System to link our police together. I believe that India has lacked a cohesive and comprehensive digital security initiative - which includes IT-enabling for our law enforcement as well as initiatives for cyber-terrorism and foreign incursion.

I would like to draw Mr. Chidambaram’s attention towards a similar initiative launched by the US Govt. to modernise the FBI’s crime tracking system - called the Virtual Case File - which failed miserably, at a cost of $170 million to the US govt.

Consider the US Cyber Challenge - it is hosted by the US Govt to attract and hire the best security researchers and hackers out there.

The US Cyber Challenge is looking for 10,000 young Americans with the skills to fill the ranks of cyber security practitioners, researchers, and warriors.

Where is our security and talent going to come from?

Hacking borders more on art, rather than science and most govt’s recognise this. For example, a deep story on China’s hacker community who periodically attack the US Govt sites (and defaced the Dalai Lama’s site) have tacit approval from the govt.

China has the China Eastern Information Security Industry Park, as well as Information Security schools in various colleges. What do we have ?

The next round of border incursions are going to come in cyberspace, where the effects are going to be much more severe .. and 100% complete deniability. Do we have any infrastructure to prevent this? Why is it that I dont see the govt. trying to atleast attract the top talent for this.

Security cannot be ensured by a govt. employee earning towards his pension - it is done so by top shot hackers who wear their patriotism on their sleeve. Where are our’s ?


India's digital and internet security initiatives - possible pitfalls


September 20, 2009

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