Bitbucket gets acquired: what next for git ?

Do note that I have not said github , but git.

Because Github is the killer app for git - and now that bitbucket has unlimited public AND private repositories, that lead is soon melting away.

What I dont understand is that, why has’nt Github sponsored any development towards making git as a platform-neutral tool. [This statement stands redacted after news of Github’s efforts to create libgit2. However, I still believe that Github can do more - offer more training videos for free, etc.]

Today, Git exists as a loose collection of scripts (perl and shell). There are three projects underway to make git, a bit more platform-agnostic. They are the jgit project(for Java), Dulwich (for Python) and libgit2 in C.

If I had to pick one, I would pick the Jgit project. I have used (and written) about using the Jgit commandline tool as a replacement for vanilla git. It works quite well, but it does not let you checkout commits, merge, branch, etc. It is fast enough that I dont particularly miss any performance differences.

There are way too many people who work on Windows - especially in the web development field. If they are at all to use git (and thereby open a whole new market for Github), these pieces of critical infrastructure must be in place. I dont understand why Github is not working towards this.

Secondly, I personally believe that Github needs to get a professionally created git tutorial (none better than Peepcode’s video) and host it for free on its website. Basic marketing 101 - but what I see is that they are offering to train you for a consulting fee.

What Github is competing against is not private gitloite repositories, but enterprise providers like Perforce, etc. who have so much multimedia content, that it isnt funny.

It is hard for me to ask clients to get a Github account for their projects, because they cant figure out what it does.


Bitbucket gets acquired: what next for git ?


September 29, 2010

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