Kde and xmonad's love child

I see the dull looking xmonad’s out-of-this-world multi monitor setup and salivate. That is the way more and more people are working towards. But it doesn’t help that xmonad is esoteric to configure (by the grandma test).

Enter kde.

Overlooking kde’s questionable disco dance ui, what you have is one of the worlds best libraries powering it … and more importantly, the financial muscle of Nokia and Intel.

Now kde has tiling - but kde sucks anyway with its wheezing baggage of nepomuk and akonadi. What you need is redesigning the ui paradigm around tiling using certain components that kde does well (oh the stillborn Phonon is not one of them)

A kde based tiling ui in under 100 MB of ram, DESIGNED around the tiling paradigm.

PS : I know of the awesome wm and dwm et al. Same issues.


Kde and xmonad's love child


October 02, 2010

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