is the India-US weather collaboration, just a load of hot air ?

Hindustan Times reported today:

US President Barack Obama’s November 6-9 visit will roll out an expansive agricultural partnership that could give India — among other things — a more accurate model to predict its dodgy monsoon. Those familiar with the developments are calling it Indian agriculture’s equivalent of “putting man on the moon”

Once access is granted, scientists from the Indian Council for Agricultural Research and Indian Space Research Organi-sation will team up with NOAA to fine-tune it to suit India’s needs.

What’s going on ?

Either Planning Commission member, K Kasturirangan, and secretary in the department of earth sciences, Shailesh Nayak are completely clueless … or are we getting access to the supercomputer technology that is needed for these predictions?

That’s because the model is already available freely - including the bloody source code [9GB download]. The source code was made publicly available on June 1 - so what are we doing with the collaboration ?

To add to that, the mathematical model for the prediction system has been available since 2006

S. Saha, S. Nadiga, C. Thiaw, J. Wang, W. Wang, Q. Zhang, H. M. van den Dool, H.-L. Pan, S. Moorthi, D. Behringer, D. Stokes, M. Pena, S. Lord, G. White, W. Ebisuzaki, P. Peng, P. Xie , 2006 : The NCEP Climate Forecast System. Journal of Climate, Vol. 19, No. 15, pages 3483.3517.

What we definitely dont have is their supercomputer technology, which is needed to model the weather accurately. If that is NOT what we are getting, then the govt is just blowing a lot of very hot air.

Because all of it has already been publicly available for quite some time - we didnt need to be “granted access” to anything.


is the India-US weather collaboration, just a load of hot air ?


November 02, 2010

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