Cyanogenmod 2708+ radio/SPL for HTC Magic (Mytouch 3G) .. from scratch

In what must be a truly awesome gesture, t-mobile released an update to the old Mytouch 3G with a new radio and SPL which increases the memory map to access 14mb more RAM. In a seriously memory starved device, this effectively means you can put off upgrading your ‘olde phone for some more time.

Since, I use Cyanogenmod for my devices, it was a bit tricky getting the rooted version of this update on the phone. I’m collecting the exact way I upgraded my device, so that it would be helpful for everyone.

IMPORTANT: please check your MD5 checksums for each and every file.

Base Assumption: That you already have some version of Cyanogenmod installed already. Which means your phone is rooted. Also assumed is that you are going to backup all important stuff like SMS, account settings, etc. because this process will completely wipe your phone.

List of files needed:



  1. Copy, to your SD card
  2. Boot into recovery and flash
  3. Boot into bootloader (three skating Androids!) and connect your phone to your PC.
  4. type ”fastboot devices” and check that a serial number is returned.
  5. type ”fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.7.0G-cyan.img”
  6. type ”fastboot flash radio radio-” or ”fastboot flash radio RADIO-”, depending on which radio you want to flash.
  7. type ”fastboot flash hboot hboot-1.33.0013d.img
  8. type ”fastboot reboot-bootloader” . At this point, your phone should go dark and restart into bootloader.
  9. type ”fastboot erase system -w” to completely erase your system.
  10. type ”fastboot erase boot” to erase your previous boot partition
  11. WARNING: at this point, I could not boot to recovery using any of the phone buttons (I should have been able to press menu to reboot). So I pulled out the battery and pressed home+power button to go to recovery menu.
  12. flash and
  13. reboot
  14. Voila! new phone…
  15. Your phone display might be green colored now.
  16. reboot to recovery again and flash
  17. reboot.
  18. Voila! new phone redux.


Cyanogenmod 2708+ radio/SPL for HTC Magic (Mytouch 3G) .. from scratch


December 27, 2010

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