KDE4 sucks because the dev community thinks there is no money in it

I’ll be honest - this post was triggered by Linus Torvalds’ statement about Gnome 3 sucking (hallelujah!). And where does he migrate to ? XFCE4 .

Not KDE.

XFCE does not have all the nuts and bolts of other full blown desktop environments (Gnome and KDE) - yet the move is from Gnome to XFCE and not to KDE. Why is this you wonder ? Simple - KDE developers think that the environment is a playground for them to scratch their itch because, well… there’s no money in it anyway.

So they go crazy with useless shit like Nepomuk, Akonadi, Strigi and all that shit. Here’s a thought - Linus is someone with a normal workload that exceeds most of everyone else’s. If he doesnt need the semantic desktop crap, well neither do I - and neither do millions of users out there.

What we need (and are willing to pay for) is a fast, slim desktop environment with usable  network-manager, printing interfaces, scanners, multiple monitors (that is such a BIG, BIG necessity in the workplace), webcam and one… just one of the freaking browsers that I can use (Firefox or Chrome).

So why does no one in KDE work on this stuff ? Because they dont think it matters from a financial point  of view - and I dont blame them. All the polishing in Gnome is funded by the Ubuntu and Fedora projects who put in a lot of resources to get useful stuff working. No one does that for KDE (atleast not in any significant way as compared to Gnome).

However, there are thousands of people out there like me who will put in money (through Kickstarter or something) for a usable KDE desktop.

Oh and while you are at it - please hire a professional UI designer and get rid of the awful looking theme.


KDE4 sucks because the dev community thinks there is no money in it


August 04, 2011

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